About me

“MJ Rahimi is a highly motivated and dedicated individual with a strong passion for continuous learning and personal growth. With a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree from prestigious universities, he has a solid educational background in engineering. Throughout his academic pursuits, he has conducted research and completed theses on a range of topics including vibration analysis, nonlinear dynamics, and robotics.

In addition to his academic achievements, he has gained valuable work experience in the engineering field. As a PCB and mechanical designer, he has used software such as SolidWorks to design electrical boards and mechanical parts. He has also served as a teaching assistant, assisting students with courses such as Vibration, Dynamics, Physics, and Calculus.

Beyond his education and work experience, he is also an entrepreneur at heart. He has been recognized as the first Iranian entrepreneur to create skateboards. He is committed to continuous learning and has taken language courses to improve his communication skills.

Overall, he is a well-rounded individual with a diverse set of skills and experiences that make him an asset in any work environment. He is committed to professional and personal growth and is always seeking new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.”

“The moment you become arrogent is the moment your downfall begins”

MJ Rahimi