MJ Rahimi


Mohammadjavad Rahimi is a driven electromechanical engineer with proven academic excellence and a real-world application track record. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Mechatronics, he has already contributed significantly to the field of engineering. Additionally, he has successfully defended his second Master’s thesis entitled “Optimization-based control of an Over-actuated Kinestatic Haptic Device” in Electromechanical Engineering at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in Belgium.


Today, Mohammadjavad brings his extensive expertise and passion for both electrical and mechanical engineering to the forefront of the industry. Currently employed as a Mechatronic Engineer at NeoScan company in Mechelen, Belgium (since September 20, 2023), he is actively contributing to the development of innovative solutions in the mechatronics field. His dedication to addressing complex challenges and delivering exceptional results makes him an invaluable asset to any project.


Working Experiences
Work Experience

Neoscan Co., Mechelen, Belgium (Since 09/2023)

  • Work as a mechatronic engineer specializing in Micro computed tomography systems
  • Collaborate directly with Alexander, CEO with over 40 years of experience
  • Responsible for selecting appropriate electrical components and mechanical design
  • Contribute to mechanical design discussions and solutions for challenges faced
  • Design PCB using Designspark software
  • Perform mechanical design tasks using Solidworks
  • Apply GD&T for critical parts in manufacturing
  • Assemble and test mechanical prototypes for new designs
  • Solder and test PCBs for electrical components

Rahavard Electronics Co., Tehran, Iran (01/2016 - 08/2018)

  • Designed electrical boards for home facilities
  • Utilized SolidWorks software to design mechanical parts
  • Collaborated with other departments to ensure product functionality and performance
  • Adhered to industry standards and regulations

Segam Electronic Co., Tehran, Iran (01/2011 - 01/2015)

  • Designed and manufactured PCBs for clients in various industries
  • Managed project timelines and ensured quality
  • Achieved early project deliveries, resulting in increased customer satisfaction
  • Applied technical knowledge and problem-solving skills to tackle complex design challenges
Recent Projects

Fridge Fix Adventure: Saving a Bauknecht Refrigerator Door (MAY 2024)

A friend’s Bauknecht refrigerator had become unusable due to a broken plastic hinge at the top of the door, which couldn’t be ordered separately. I examined the broken hinge piece and decided to create a replacement using a 3D printer. After sketching the design, I printed the new part, ensuring it was sturdy. Once printed, I installed it on the fridge door, which fit perfectly and restored the door’s functionality. The fridge door now works perfectly, much to my friend’s delight. This repair not only saved the fridge but also provided a fun and rewarding experience. This project emphasized the benefits of repairing over replacing—it’s environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and fulfilling. It encourages a mindset of creativity and resourcefulness, proving that with the right tools and approach, even tricky problems can be solved. If you need advice on a similar project, don’t hesitate to reach out; sometimes a simple fix can make a huge difference!

3D Printed Part
Repaired Part
Undamaged Hinge
Broken Part

Breathing New Life into Old Gadgets: (FEB 2024)

In repairing a discarded vacuum cleaner, I learned that reviving old devices isn’t just about replicating parts but improving them. I measured the broken part and redesigned it using SolidWorks, incorporating fillets to distribute stress and adding extra supports for durability. I chose PETG plastic for its toughness and flexibility, and used a 3D printer with a 0.1 mm detail setting to ensure precision. The honeycomb pattern inside the part added strength by absorbing shocks. This project highlighted the power of modern technology and engineering creativity, showing how we can enhance and extend the life of our gadgets, benefiting both us and the environment.

Haptic: (June 2023)

The study explored the use of over-actuation and a hybrid control algorithm to improve force resolution and transparency. Results showed that over-actuation provides higher force resolution, improving fidelity, while the control strategy enhances transparency. These findings have implications for realistic experiences in virtual and augmented reality applications.
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